The Dilemma Of Gold, Gospel And Glory Between The United States And China

United States, a country that at the time of George W Bush in power, ever put Indonesia on top as a nest of terrorists who threaten the existence and judged fairly the interests of United States in the world. In line with the United States against provoking China as a country that is developing very rapidly and cause an imagethat China is a new super power as well as friendly to the countries they are increasingly creating a presumption against China that “The Red Dragon” such as if wants to develop its hegemony in the area of East Asia, Southeast to the South. Author just wanted to describe about the position of Indonesia that are cross among Super Power States against America And China which are both those countries alike wanted to show themself as “older brother” guarantor of security for Indonesia Archipelago.

Flashback  on the history of the 14th-15th century when the Western for the first time landed in the Indonesia Archipelago and slightly backwards during the 800 years ago when The Chinese influence in any land archipelago. Both are the same interest and intent i.e. to extend their hegemony as well as perform missions that are both expansive through a field of economic, political and social culture with the main aim is to get the “gold, gospel and glory “.

Let’s step forward to the story in the beginning of the 20th century in which there are two strength of bi-polar that the United States and the Soviet Union in the “cold war” atmosphere  which is a form of ideological warfare through combat information to create “the new world order” and keep to the triumphant the ends as “gold, gospel and glory”, then the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the 20th century as a manifestation of a whopping hegemony followed by the United States as the sole power in the world without a rival with proven crony of  Soviet increasingly towards capitalism embraced by United States. Back to “gold, gospel and glory ” that the United States easily several times ruled the region of the Middle East as largest areas of mineral and petroleum resources in the world’s looks with his super control  America kills the Arabs leader such as Saddam Hussein, Moamar Ghadaffi as well as Osama Bin Laden.

China, the country’s “The Red Dragon” from the Asian mainland, is a country that has been hamstrung by its system at the end of the 19th century until the beginning of the 20th century. However, it looks like a challenge for China that has heavy identity and nationality identity up to 5000 years ago. China has risen, becoming the “super power” country through an unique phases. The country emerged as a producer of goods to knockoff goods – ranging from technology that is simple to super technology; starting from children’s toys; electronic equipment; technology development of motor vehicles; and a pretty thrilling world mainly United States is China presents as a country of manufacturer of sophisticated war equipment and cutting edge as well as mass produced for the benefit of his country and the defence in sale to the countries of the area.

Look at the relationship between the United States and Indonesia with China which has always been a warm talks by some of the elite national and international, the presumption that the future of the archipelago named “Indonesia Raya” would be in middle position between maneuver both United States and China. China has declared an icon”the big brother of Asia” (almost similar to Japan’s when Japan master of Southeast Asia: “Japan as older brother from the East”) seems to begin with the expansive intention to master Spratly Island in the South China Sea, although geographically more leaning towards the islands of the Philippines. So if China’s intention for expansion of the Spratly Island is managed according to wishes of “The Red Dragon”, It is likely China will continue its expansion to the South, Natuna Island, Indonesia. It is not impossible when the United States present 2500 Marines on Darwin, Australia whereby as a very strategic place to oversee the China’s expansion because America has a pretty great interests in Indonesia. Brief he says is: “Indonesia is so captivated all nations in the world since ancient times until now.”

Indonesia is a country that has a very broad area of ocean in the world. The wealth of the sea so great abundance of Indonesia including minerals contained therein. If you go back to the “gold, gospel and glory ” the big question is: “who can afford to turn away from Indonesia?” and “who is not tempted by gold, uranium, petroleum, natural gas, spice and others contained in the Earth of Indonesia Raya?”

If we look at the conditions as well as what is being planned by the United States and China today, then it is appropriate that our nation Indonesia should become “a good boy but smart” Indonesia must remain vigilant, although China would agree to the transfer of technology from the missile C-705. In line with this, when the United States continue to give “good toys” for”her little brother” but vigilance should still be awake so that Indonesia does not “sold”  and no one else point of territory and wealth of Indonesia become ” the success of purpose gold, gospel and glory” for China and the United States.

“A Simple Thoughts Of The Ordinary Man”


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